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Cover of "Image Bearer" and inclusive children's book that celebrates children with disabilities. There are 4 children on it. One uses a wheelchair. Another has Down syndrome.

Teaching kids a biblical view of disability

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Celebrate God's creation.

Every child is an Image Bearer! We know this is true because Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created both male and female in His image. In Image Bearer, your children will learn the creation story and understand that the way God created and loves them gives them value.




Image Bearer features illustrations inspired by real kids who God made wonderfully different! The book will introduce your family to:

  • hearing devices

  • cerebral palsy

  • autism

  • vision loss

  • and more!

  • communication devices

  • feeding tubes

  • wheelchairs

  • chromosomal disorders

  • birthmarks

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Meet the Image Bearers

The illustrations in Image Bearer are based on real kids who God made wonderfully different!

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Meet Ellie

Well, hey there! I’m glad you’re here! I’m Ellie, author of Image Bearer! By day, you can usually find me making a PBJ or dancing to “Let It Go” for the 500th time. By night, you’ll find me working on launching this book that I affectionately call my quarantine baby! I hope you’ll join me in my mission to show the world that EVERY child is an Image Bearer!

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Megan DeJarnett is the author of No Such Thing As Normal

Megan DeJarnett, Author of

No Such Thing As Normal

Image Bearer is a beautifully written reminder of our worth no matter our circumstance. Every child needs to know that their Creator made them wonderfully! 

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Bryan Mowrey is a pastor from St. Louis, Missouri

Bryan Mowrey, Pastor of Jubilee Church St. Louis

What a timely book for children! The message that we are all image bearers of God has never been more relevant in communicating the value of all people. Moreover, it provides an excellent starting point for the gospel message. What a great resource for parents of EVERY child! 

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Rachael Prescott, @DoublingDownMom

A beautifully crafted proclamation of human worth! Image Bearer holds not only a message for children, but one we all need to fully absorb and share with others. Simple yet thunderous truths of God’s love for everyone.

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