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Meet Ellie Sanazaro

In 2016, Ellie's world was forever changed when her daughter was born without the chromosomal disorder doctors had told her to expect. God used this event to change Ellie's heart and lead her down the path of adopting a baby with Down syndrome. Ellie is now passionate about spreading the message that EVERY child is an Image Bearer. 

Follow Ellie on Instagram @mr.finncredible!

Meet Madison Kay

Madison is the amazing talent behind the artwork in "Image Bearer." Her favorite things to draw are people, animals, and plants. Madison has an extra special connection to "Image Bearer!" Madison's cousin, Mallory, has Down syndrome. So she had the idea to create an illustration inspired by Mallory! When she's not drawing, Madison loves playing video games and the piano! She also loves both drinking and making coffee as she works part time as a barista.

Email Madison at


Meet Finn

This is Finn! He's the Finn-spiration behind Image Bearer. Finn was born in October of 2019. He spent 3 weeks in the NICU before coming home. He has Down syndrome and hearing loss. His first 5 months of life were spent in and out of the hospital, but he has been home, happy, and healthy since March 2020. Finn loves dancing, clapping, and splashing. Every day he shows the world that our value comes not from ability but from the fact that we are created and loved by God.

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