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Meet Ashton

Here's what Ashton's mom wanted to share about him:


"Ashton Is 9 years old. He has Septo Optic Dysplasia. It means his optic nerve did not develop as much as it should’ve before he was born. He is visually impaired, legally blind and also needs hormone replacement therapy. He gets a growth hormone shot every night and takes thyroid and hydrocortisone. Although he’s blind this has never stopped him from doing anything he sets his mind to. He loves riding a bike without training wheels, skiing in the winter time, reading Braille books and using his white cane to explore the world. Blindness does not limit his life or any of the things he wants to do. A child who is blind can do almost every thing a child who is sighted is able to do. It might be in a different way and it might take them a little longer to learn a skill but they are unstoppable, incredible children."

Follow Ashton on Instagram @ourblindside!
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