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Meet Jackson

This little guy is 9 months old and has the sweetest, fluffiest head of hair! He is diagnosed with type 3 osteogenesis imperfecta. This means that his bones fracture very easily, even from everyday routines like diaper changing and getting dressed. His parents and doctors take many precautions to prevent these breaks from occurring and to keep him comfortable.

Jackson has a big sister who he just loves. You'll often see them dressed up in matching clothes! Jackson's family says that he is God's gift. They know that God has good plans for Jackson's life.

Jackson uses supplemental oxygen to support his breathing. This means that he wears a nasal cannula. He also has an ng-tube through which he gets his daily nutrition, hydration, and medication. An ng-tube is a feeding tube that goes through the nose down into the stomach.

Follow Jackson on Instagram @andsothestoreybegins!
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