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Meet Cree & Knox

Here's what Cree and Knox's mama wanted to share about them:

"Cree (left, 5) and Knox (right, recently turned 4) are best friends and brothers who love to snuggle, watch movies together and play sports. Cree takes his big brother role very seriously and Knox enjoys being the baby. They learn from each other, and are inseparable. They are constantly hugging and calling each other best friends. It’s the cutest thing ever.

"Cree has Down syndrome. He was born with duodenal atresia and is a heart warrior (Atrial septal defect). He was also diagnosed with Hirschsprungs, and is currently working on oral feedings as he has a g-tube. But Cree doesn't let any of this stop him! He is an awesome basketball player and Knox loves soccer but that’s about the only difference between these two."


Follow Cree & Knox on Instagram @momof3kellic!
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